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A great relationship. First love. Secrets never before told in book form. Sacred pledge. Terrifying beasts. Forbidden love. Sing with me... More

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Ever had your life darkened under the shadow of a bully? Cheryl's got a beast. Download or read this free chapter that tells how Cheryl dealt with the worst hazer on the East coast and also the day she fell in love.More

03 Free EBook - Guy's Talk Chapter

Ever wonder what guys say when they're alone and made at their woman? Mike licks his wounds over a beer and some straight talk with his homeboy John.More

A page-turner!...Fast paced...a symphony of various genres (Christian, romance, thriller) - a novel one would love to see on the big screen... See what the buzz is about. Order your copy of Cheryl's Song today.

Review by reader, Gina Grinkmeyer, on Amazon.com

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    When You Love..

    When you love,love deeply. When you try, try completely. For there is no place where God's shining face cannot triumph in you...

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    This One..

    This one is meant to be the one who stays in your belief, the one who nestles close to you. The one whom God has given to be yours. This one.