Poem #1: In Time

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The way I see you

I know

You’ll be mine

In time.


You see,

I see you as I’d like you to see me


The only one my eyes open to

every morning

Your name is on my lips

You’ll be mine

In time.


You think it’s just a fad

with me.

You think you’re one in a

long line.


I’ve never seen with anyone

The things I see with you:

the future, us together,

I smile when it’s you

I see in the morning

Whether or not you’re here with me

In time

You’ll be mine

Every morning

Yes, my dear

You’ll be wearing my ring

Every morning.

Ken Bossard

Ken Bossard

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Kenneth Bossard is a Mortgage Lender and real estate investor. Cheryl’s Song is his first novel. He has since written hundreds of poems and plans to use real estate investing to finance his screenplays. Ken loves theater and has acted in stage plays and appeared on cable shows such as VEEP and House of Cards

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