Poem#11: Wisdom

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Wisdom seems foolish

Because you are

Waiting, imprudent,

And harsh.

Your livelihood,

A moment’s notice

To be,

Planning and waiting,

You seem to be

Ever forsaking,

Waiting on

The love of your life

Who never seems to be

One we approve of.

You’re sure

The laughter you two share

Is more

Than enough proof

You two were

Meant to be.

Listen to me, Child,

And never be mildly

Sure about things

That last eternally.

Be done with your feelings;

Make sure you’re appealing

Love based on your wants,

Not his temporary need.

He’ll give you attention

To get your affection.

Don’t give what can’t

Be repeated.

You’ve got one

Thing he’s after.

Wait for a man

Who comes after

Your wants and not his need.

Ken Bossard

Ken Bossard

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Kenneth Bossard is a Mortgage Lender and real estate investor. Cheryl’s Song is his first novel. He has since written hundreds of poems and plans to use real estate investing to finance his screenplays. Ken loves theater and has acted in stage plays and appeared on cable shows such as VEEP and House of Cards

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