Poem#12: You know

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You know

I thought you knew

The last time

You were through,

But you

Can’t seem to

Understand why I love you.

You know

I thought you’d bring

The best

Out in me,

But you’re

Determined to be


I knew

You when

I knew

You then,

And I knew

When you’d tell me

You would, but

You’d never change,

My love for you

In vain,

Each time I trust again,

I say, “I knew.”

You know

I want to see

This love you

Promised me.

I gave my best.


There’s someone who

Can touch the best in me.

Thirteen years…


I gave my best

To you,

But know

My heart is packed

This time.

My trust,


When I say

things your way.

You know

We tried this,

But again

You know

I’ll still love you.

You know

You’ll get one more chance.

Don’t know how

I keep loving this man.

It’s one more time,


You know

I’ve made up my mind.

What you don’t know

Won’t hurt you

But me.

This time, before I leave

I’ll trust you anew.

Darling, I’m leaving you.

I won’t say a word,

But you’ll know

I’ve heard.

Your “I knows”

Are all over for me.

You don’t know

This girl

Like you think

You do,

Cause this time,

I know.

Ken Bossard

Ken Bossard

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Kenneth Bossard is a Mortgage Lender and real estate investor. Cheryl’s Song is his first novel. He has since written hundreds of poems and plans to use real estate investing to finance his screenplays. Ken loves theater and has acted in stage plays and appeared on cable shows such as VEEP and House of Cards

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